Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow...

2 weeks ago I took the plunge and cut my hair. I wish I could say it was a spare of the moment thing or it was due to some crisis in my life but it wasn't. I had ummed and ahhed about it for a few years and none of my friends were very encouraging about it (not that I needed their approval). I think it was over the summer that I started thinking about it seriously but never really had the courage but the thought was always in my head.

Around November time one of my work mates was asking about my hair, don't remember how the conversation had started and I mentioned that I wanted to cut it and she said she thought I would suit it. I nearly hugged her because that was the nicest thing she could have said at that time. I suppose my biggest worry was that if I chopped it and it didn't suit me what was I going to do. After the conversation with my workmate I knew I was going to do it, it was only a matter of time.

It wasn't long after this I hit good old google to find ways to disguise a very bad hair cut and to also find ways to style my short hair. I was amazed at the amount of information available on the net. Master T and I spent a whole night learning how to tie head scarfs in different styles from some youtube tutorials.

After all this research I felt I was armed with the info I required and started feeling more confident about my decision. It was probably a couple more weeks before I actually put a pair of scissors through my hair.

2 Fridays ago I went to bed with a head full of shoulder length hair and woke up Saturday morning with nearly all of it gone. Then took a trip to the barbers and not the hairdressers in the morning and came out with a head of not so long hair that I absolutely love.

I went from this.

To this

I know my attempt on a selfie are not great but I am working on it.

The before picture doesn't really show how long my hair really was (shoulder length) because it was always tied into a bun.

I do have a plan on how I want my hair to look. This just happens to be the beginning.

Am I vain or what? To dedicate the longest post I have ever written on my hair.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to whatever the new year brings.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Pause In Advent 4...

                              excessive gratification of a person's wishes

I will be the first one to admit of being very guilty of this at this time of the year. All that food, the sales, the parties, the nights out and everything else that happens at this time of the year. It is very easy to overindulge, to forget what this time of year is all about, to be carried away with what is surrounding us. The lights, the glitter the never ending Christmas markets and all those adverts telling us we need this and that in time for Christmas.

It's not too late to take a few moments to reflect and really think about the true meaning of Christmas as we are heading towards the big day.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Pause In Advent # 2

                     the restoration of friendly relations.

Every now and again friends and family fall out for many different reason. Some major and some very petty but regardless of how big the fallout some people never get to make amends. We all know someone who has fallen out with a loved one and years have gone by and they still do not talk. It's always heart breaking to hear the story behind these fallouts and sometimes you can feel the regret in their voices or just see it in their eyes that they wish things were different.

As human beings we find it difficult to make the first move, to ask for forgiveness or to just be the bigger person and say we are sorry. I think this time of Advent is a great time to possibly take that step. Cards are being posted left, right and centre and an extra card to that person will not do any harm. With most people filled with the Christmas spirit maybe that's all that it will take to reconcile with your loved one.

Send that text, card or email. The worst thing that could happen is not getting a reply but the best thing that will happen is having that loved one back in your life.


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pause In Advent

Advent noun: the arrival of a notable person or thing.

At this time of the year most people are putting up Christmas trees and decoration, buying presents for their loved ones, stocking up on all the best food items and sending out Christmas cards. As we go about preparing for Christmas this advent let us think of those less fortunate than us and maybe put an extra present or food item in our baskets and drop it of at the many drop off points set up at this time of the year.

Nobody is so poor that they can not give and nobody is so rich that they can not receive.

There are many people around us who find this time of year difficult for many reasons. It's all too easy to accuse them of being a scrooge without really knowing the reason. That neighbour who has no family or even that colleague who seems to be going through a hard time. Maybe a conversation  is all they want or just a smile from you will ease those worries a little bit.

Giving and kindness takes many different forms. Give the best way you can.

Let us take a few moments to be kind to others as we prepare for Christmas.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I'm Back...

I haven't been blogging for a while as you can tell. Things got quite hectic so had to disappear for a while.

These are some of the things we've been up to since I last blogged

Moved house
Trip to Blackpool
Summer holidays
Made new friends 
First ever camping trip
Visit to Madam Tussauds
Creating a home that I love
Changed my working hours
Visit to Dubai to visit family
Master T started senior school
Visit to Edinburgh. Beautiful city
Attempting to use a sewing machine
Decluttered loads of items and still at it
Trip to Liverpool to watch the Lion King
Birthdays which meant presents and cake
Loads of Car boot sales both as a buyer and a seller

Advent is upon us. As of tomorrow I will be taking part in A Pause In Advent hosted this year by Angela at Tracing Rainbows.

Stay warm.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Growing Pains...

I hope my children look back on today
and see a mother who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning  and cooking
for children grow up while we're not looking..

Today is the 2nd day of the summer holiday and as it was a gorgeous day and my day off we decided to venture outside. I am often found doing housework or just sat in front of a screen of some sort on my days off but not today.

Today I decided to abandon all thoughts of housework and forced Master T to come out with me. He is difficult strong minded of late. He doesn't seem to be interested in venturing outside. On some occasions I've had to tell him it wasn't negotiable. I can definitely see that he is going through some changes but today I wasn't having it.

The funny thing though is even though it's a struggle to get him out of the house he absolutely loves it once we are out. We did a bit of window shopping in the 1st town we went to. I didn't buy anything but Master T bought some loom bands. After about a hour we decided to move to the next town where we walked along the beach then went for fish and chips once we had had enough. We managed to find a very good spot by a stream in a park to sit and munch. My picnic blanket also had it's first outing as we used it to sit on. I bought it last year and it has been in my car ever since so it was a nice surprise to find and use it.  

As it was so warm it was easy to just snooze in my little spot. After my snooze we decided it was time for an ice cream to cool us down and before long it was home time and we have been chilling ever since. Master T  working on his loom bands and I have been catching up on some blog reading.

Last week was his last week at primary school and emotions were very, very high. There were loads of tears, anger, silence of the moody kind and everything in between. To be honest I was out of my depth and if this is the sign of things to come, I best brace myself.  

Hope you have all had a good day.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I don't think I have mentioned this but Master T starts secondary school this September. We managed to get a place at our first school choice which was obviously great as I really didn't want him to go to any other school and he felt the same way.

Today was induction day at his soon to be new school. He seems to have loved it and is looking forward to tomorrow as he is there again.

So many changes are going to happen in both our lives as we try to make a smooth transition between primary and secondary. I am trying as best as I can to prepare him for what's to come. All the incidents that have recently happened at school and he has told me about I have tried yo relate them as much as I can to life in secondary school so he knows how best to deal with them. I know it will take time and things won't always go to plan but I do hope that in the 11 years he has been on this earth I have somehow taught him some of the skills that he requires to navigate this big wide world we live in. 

I know it's only secondary school not the end of the world so I do hope I keep that in mind.

What advice would you give to a parent and child who are starting on this journey.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

At It Again ...

These past few weeks I've had to admit that I am more of a hoarder than a collector. I have been getting rid of most of my unwanted stuff. Every now and again I do get rid of stuff but this time round it's different. I've been at it for weeks now and my house is looking less and less cluttered.

I have always admired those people who live minimalist lives. There is just something so appealing about that lifestyle. I don't kid myself to think I would ever live that way but I would love to. I suppose it takes one step a time to get there.

My motivation at the moment is my impending house move. I do not want to take anything with me that I don't need as it will be a waste of my time packing and then unpacking it again. I'm also fed up of spending my days off finding space to put stuff, moving things around or just cleaning and spending those days on my feet doing something that I don't particularly like. My time should be best spent doing what I want and love and enhancing the skills that I want.

I choose to not do this anymore.

Are you a hoarder or collector?
How do you keep on top it.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Good Weekend...

On Saturday we went to Liverpool to watch the Lion King and we absolutely loved it. It is the only show I have ever considered watching live and I can tell you it was brilliant and I am telling everyone who will listen. After the show we went to Blackpool, stayed the night and on Sunday we went to Madame Tussauds and onto the Blackpool Tower. I was so disappointed with the tower for some reason plus it was very foggy so we couldn't enjoy the view so that didn't help. Before going to the top of the tower we watched a 5min long 4D movie which I thought was amazing so it made up for the non existent views.

We also loved Madame Tussauds but it wasn't as big as I had imagined it to be and there wasn't as many wax works as I thought there would be either. I still loved it for what it was Now I want to go to the one in London. I posed for a lot of pictures with my favourite wax works only to be disappointed by the end product. All the photos  were blurry you can barely make out my face or anything else in the photo. Let's just say Master T did not do a very good job as a photographer. I do have very good memories of our weekend away. The weather didn't disappoint so it was weekend to remember.

The only thing that kind of ruined the weekend (but not too much) was the hotel. I can safely say it's the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. It wasn't the cleanest or the most presentable, everything was so dated. If I had to stay in that hotel for more than one night I would have moved along to another hotel. Lets just say it needs a lot of work, the food wasn't bad as it was a dinner bed and breakfast deal and as it was only for one night I thought I would survive. I booked my weekend with National Holidays. I have been on a few trips with them and always find them to be good value for money.

Master T hasn't come down to earth as yet. I suppose the whole weekend was made all the better because it was all a surprise for him.

Hope you all have a good week.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Be Still...

Been absent for a long time as you can tell. Winter is not my favourite season I find it a struggle to get through. Now the sun is showing it's face I think it's time I showed mine.

I have been up to a lot of things during hibernation most of them good with the odd problem here and there but such is life. Yesterday I sat in my car for a good 30min on my own when I was waiting for the gates to be opened at the carboot sale where I was selling all my unwanted treasures. The sun was shining and there were plenty of people in their cars who had come to do the same thing. I opened my car door to let the sun in and was so surprised by the quietness of my surroundings. As usual I switched on the radio. At that moment I thought to myself, what am I doing. It was then I realised how much I am used to noise. I am surrounded by it all the time be it at work, in my car I usually have the radio on, when I am home we have the telly on or my ipod stuck in my ears looking at a screen of some sort.


It really saddened me how I never seem to have any quietness around me or us. Something is always going on. I can't even remember the last time I sat with just a cup of tea or a book and relaxed. Apart from always being surrounded by noise I always seem to be doing something. It doesn't matter what I am doing I have to be busy and mostly it's doing exactly the same thing.

    I don't mean to mourn in my first post back but how do you all find quietness in your lives.

                                                      How do you create a balance.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

What A Difference...

It's only been a week but I have to agree with all the experts when it comes to exercising. It is definitely good for your health. I am fully of energy and I can't get enough of it. It is also addictive. I hope I keep at it. Master T is joining me so it's a family affair which makes it worthwhile. I love my food so I am making sensible choices rather than dieting. I don't necessarily want to lose weight that is not my aim but if it happens I'm not going to complain. My aim is to be fit and healthy. My blood pressure has been slowly creeping up in the past few months and there is a history of diabetes in my family. If I can help it I want to avoid any ill health that I may contribute to if I that makes sense. After all I am in control of what goes in and out of my mouth and I am able to exercise.

Like I said earlier its only been a week but I can tell you I am going to try my damn hardest to keep up with these changes.

What changes have you been making in your life this week. Hope everything is going to plan.

Have a wonderful week.