Saturday, 23 February 2013


Nothing much has been happening this side. Just a little bit busy with uni, placement and my new part time job. The little time i have left has been spent decluttering and that hasn't left much time for blogging or for doing fun stuff.
At the moment i just feel...
Please bear with me
Hope you are all feeling better than i am.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Here I Go Again...

I am still at it. Decluttering i mean. I am beginning to like the inside of my house. There is less and and less clutter and the house looks and feels fresh. I don't know why i have been living the way i was. I am not THERE yet even though i don't know what or where THERE is. I suppose i will know when i am THERE.
I have started to notice some of the habits that i have when it comes to hoarding. I tackled the kitchen over the weekend and i was shocked. I found so many things that i didn't even know i owned and most of them had never been used. I cleared most of it and have only left the things that i need instead of things i want. Doing this has created a lot of cupboard space which i have put to good use by storing all the other things that have been cluttering my counter tops.

These 3 pieces of furniture have been languishing in the shed for nearly 3 years now (moved to a smaller house and have no space in the house) For the past 3 years i have thought of giving them away to charity or a friend, keeping them for when i need them, selling them. On Friday i made up my mind, they had to go. I just had to stop thinking of how much money i spent on buying because they were no longer useful to me.

I quickly dismantled them before i had a chance to change my mind and took them to the charity shop.
My journey continues.
On to a funnier and illegal note, I have been walking driving around with the wrong number plate on my car for the past 2 weeks. Only realised yesterday and have had it fixed today.
Hope you are all well.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

You Win Some You Lose Some...

Hello everyone. I will start my post with some winnings, seems like i have 3 new followers, Frugal in Bucks, Marina, Frantic's Antics and Totallydot. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I got my results for the exam i sat last Tuesday. I passed with a very good grade, it was so unexpected as i had convinced myself that i had failed. I had to phone one of my classmates to double check what the pass mark was and i was way over so i had a small drink to celebrate. What else can you do on a Friday night.
On to some losing now. Went into Morrisons today from posting my ebay sells and i paid for my items using the self checkout tills, guess what i did. I left some of my change on that till. 5 whole Great British Pounds. I only realised when i got home and i was looking for the money. I remember collecting the coins then collected my bags while i waited for the notes to be dispensed. I think i took too long with my bags that i completely forgot about the other change. I did ring the supermarket just to try my luck but as you might have guessed no one handed it in. Like i said you win some and you lose some.
On to a more brighter note i spent the weekend at a wedding, yes you read right, i spent the weekend at a wedding. One of my friends was getting married so there was a traditional ceremony/wedding on Saturday and a church wedding on Sunday.
Anyway hope you are having a good week.