Thursday, 29 September 2011

...And a Very Happy Thrifty Thursday To You Too

Thank you to everyone who has read or decided to follow my blog and another thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday. I am a student now thats why i have been AWOL. I will write another post soon about it.

My bathroom does not have a shower only a bath tub so to reduce my gas bill when heating bath water i turn down the water temperature on my boiler especially over the summer. If you have a child like mine who turns on the tap to fill the bath and then decides to go back to his room to play leaving the water running you will know what i mean. When he comes back the bath is half full and he still needs to mix the hot water with cold water to get it to the right temperature or he decides its too much and pulls the plug. Kids hey.

By reducing the water temperature by setting it to what i require i know no matter how much water he fills the bath with its ready for him to go in. For more thrifty tips visit Angela's blog on


Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Birthday To Me !!!

30 years ago i popped out of my mums tummy. Hope everyone enjoys their day, i am going to try and enjoy mine. xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Going to the barber or to the hairdresser can be pricey. To save money i cut Master T's hair myself. I have been doing it since he was a baby and i am getting better with each hair cut, all it has ever cost me is a set of clippers compared to paying 6 pounds per hair cut.

It is going to sound so unfair because i am going  tell you that i do go to the hairdresser. The only difference is my trip to the salon doesn't cost me a penny because my haidresser is my friend and we swap treatments. I am a qualified beauty therapist so she does my hair and i give her whatever treatment she needs, we have been doing this for years.

My tip for the day is if you need to learn a new skill or have anything done for you why not find out if you can swap skills with someone. That way no money exchanges hands but you both walk away happy.

For more useful thrifty tips why not visit Angela's blog

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a Nightmare !!!

The bed was finally delivered on Tuesday. What a carry on i had trying to assemble it. After ripping off all the packaging i was happy to find out that it was a one person job so i decided to get on with it.

           These are all the pieces before i assembled it

When i got to this stage i thought yay i am nearly there but boy was i wrong.

After all that excitement i found out i had too many of these (slats)

And too many of these (screws) than those listed in the manual.

I also had no idea what these were as they were not refered to in the instruction manual.
I had no option other than to abandon this little project until i had spoken to someone from the bed shop.
They were very helpful and were able to tell me that the above were wooden spacers to space the slats because there are no markings on the bed for where the screws go.

They weren't able to tell me why i had too many slats and screws but suggested that they might be spares. I went back to finish assembling the bed and had another little discovery. The contents list on the manual was wrong i actually had the right number of slats but still too many screws. Anyway i decided to just get on with. it as i was getting fed up with it all.

This is the fruit of my labour. Got bruised hands to show for it. Had to use a screw driver and it was a tough job.

Master T will have the sweetest dreams tonight because that bed was assembled with lot's of love and care. 

Monday, 19 September 2011

My Treasures

I did say i would post my treasure finds today while i am waiting for Master T's bed to be delivered. I phoned them this morning hoping that they would be able to narrow down the time of delivery and all they could tell me was i should expect the bed between mid afternoon to late afternoon. What does that even mean. Anyway all i have to do is wait.

Here are my treasures
My Lot

2 brand new hot water bottles, brand new nice pair of comfy shoes and wall maps of Great Britain and the World for Master T. The World map has the flags of all the countries which i think is great.

Winter hat, wall hanging mirror with shelf and hooks for the hallway, needs a bit of cleaning and a new mirror because the one there is a plasticky one full of scratches, 2 make up bags the green flowery one is brand new with tags so will keep it and use it as a pressy for someone. I like the red one, the white bits are stars. I have another one with white spots on. Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox for Master T he wants the whole collection of Mr Dahl's books. He loves books one thing he gets from me and a Spiderwick Chronicles book not forgetting the Oxo tin. Dont know why i bought it. Might put my buttons in there.

White and blue jug, decanter for bubble bath already have two (naughty naughty). Milk jug, sugar bowl and cups and saucers. Had forgotten all about Superman wish he was real he could be of some use around the house...

Last but no means the least my best finds. Wooden tray with vine branches. The leaves are gold and the tray handles have a beautiful design. Shame i am not such a good photographer. I also love the tea set it has light blue flowers as the design. Will have to improve on my photo taking skills because you can barely see all the detail.

Thats all i could find on my treasure hunt. Best go and make room for that bed.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Went to the car boot sale today after church and i did buy some stuff. I am staying in tomorrow because i am waiting for Master T's bed to be delivered so i will be able to post all my treasures would have done it today but need to prepare for Master T's day at school. He hasn't done his homework yet, uniforms need ironing and i need to fill in some consent forms for out of school clubs. Bad, bad mother.

We haven't really gotten into the swing of being back to a school day routine. I need to pull my socks.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Here goes...

Hello to whoever finds me at this little spot and hope you had wonderful day. Still finding my feet on this blog and hoping that it will all come easy. Been reading some wonderful blogs for nearly a year and have found them all so inspiring and decided to give it a go. Hopefully this blog will inspire someone too... goodnight xx