Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Going to the barber or to the hairdresser can be pricey. To save money i cut Master T's hair myself. I have been doing it since he was a baby and i am getting better with each hair cut, all it has ever cost me is a set of clippers compared to paying 6 pounds per hair cut.

It is going to sound so unfair because i am going  tell you that i do go to the hairdresser. The only difference is my trip to the salon doesn't cost me a penny because my haidresser is my friend and we swap treatments. I am a qualified beauty therapist so she does my hair and i give her whatever treatment she needs, we have been doing this for years.

My tip for the day is if you need to learn a new skill or have anything done for you why not find out if you can swap skills with someone. That way no money exchanges hands but you both walk away happy.

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  1. Thanks for joining in with the thriftiness. Skill swapping is a good idea. I made an iPod cover for my friend and she gave me some tomato plants. [sadly I managed to kill the plants!]

    I have been clipping Bobs hair for years- it saves a fortune. Have yet to find a friend to trim mine - but Bob does help me home-colour my grey bits [he is much better at getting it done evenly]

    blessings x

  2. I agree about swapping skills, I just don't have any to swap.......

    Gill in Canada