Sunday, 30 November 2014

Pause In Advent

Advent noun: the arrival of a notable person or thing.

At this time of the year most people are putting up Christmas trees and decoration, buying presents for their loved ones, stocking up on all the best food items and sending out Christmas cards. As we go about preparing for Christmas this advent let us think of those less fortunate than us and maybe put an extra present or food item in our baskets and drop it of at the many drop off points set up at this time of the year.

Nobody is so poor that they can not give and nobody is so rich that they can not receive.

There are many people around us who find this time of year difficult for many reasons. It's all too easy to accuse them of being a scrooge without really knowing the reason. That neighbour who has no family or even that colleague who seems to be going through a hard time. Maybe a conversation  is all they want or just a smile from you will ease those worries a little bit.

Giving and kindness takes many different forms. Give the best way you can.

Let us take a few moments to be kind to others as we prepare for Christmas.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I'm Back...

I haven't been blogging for a while as you can tell. Things got quite hectic so had to disappear for a while.

These are some of the things we've been up to since I last blogged

Moved house
Trip to Blackpool
Summer holidays
Made new friends 
First ever camping trip
Visit to Madam Tussauds
Creating a home that I love
Changed my working hours
Visit to Dubai to visit family
Master T started senior school
Visit to Edinburgh. Beautiful city
Attempting to use a sewing machine
Decluttered loads of items and still at it
Trip to Liverpool to watch the Lion King
Birthdays which meant presents and cake
Loads of Car boot sales both as a buyer and a seller

Advent is upon us. As of tomorrow I will be taking part in A Pause In Advent hosted this year by Angela at Tracing Rainbows.

Stay warm.