Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Weekend

Those who know me very well will tell you that i am a Master Procrastinator. For some reason i keep putting things off and telling myself that are will do them but never get round to it. This weekend was the weekend i decided to put a full stop to my procrastinating habit (i hope). It has been a very productive weekend in my books. I managed to sort out clothes that i took out of the shed four weeks ago and just dumped on my bedroom floor in bags and boxes. I have been struggling to open my wardrobe because of this.

I took all the clothes that i didn't need to the charity shop and kept what i thought i could sell on ebay. I had loads of Master T's books that he had outgrown and i found them a good home. I did the same with some DVD's i didn't need. Among all this stuff was a lot of rubbish that just ended up in the bin.

I also baked bread, gave myself a mini manicure and pedicure, washed my hair, spent two hours with a good friend and four more with another friend, sorted out chidcare for Master T, did a bit of paper work as well as tidying up the house, washed and ironed all dirty clothes.

Now that i have done all this i hope this helps my mood this coming week and i won't feel too stressed. I need to keep my head down and get on with a mini assignment for university that i haven't started but is due this Friday. I did say i am a Master Procastinator.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Is it just me or is it Winter already, i know it's Autumn but to me these two seasons just blend into one. I am more of a Spring and Summer person. I have had to put my heating on today and i think it's time i get those electric blankets on the bed and start wearing scarves, gloves hats and snuggle to my hot water bottles.

MSE did help with my winter preparations all i have to do now is to try and keep warm. Master T has no problem with the cold, he does not put on a jumper even if the heating is off. He does start complaining when he goes upstairs. For some reason that part of the house is always freezing even with the heating on.

I also seem to have a slight cold hope it doesn't get worse.

Get well soon to me.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Treasures

Went to the car boot sale today hopefully it's my last this season. There weren't many sellers and i wasn't expecting to see anything at all that i fancied. Surprisingly i think it was the best one.
 These are my gorgeous finds

Master T spotted these Roald Dahl books. A collection of 10 books and an extra one.
He is so into Roald Dahl at the moment thanks to his current teacher. All 11 books cost me 250pence

I also found these, a glass thingamajig which i havent decided what to put in it. It might end up in the bathroom filled with cotton buds or cotton wool balls and a cup and saucer to add to my mismatched collection.

Flower pot/ fruit bowl. A few years ago i bought my aunt a plant from Next as her birthday present.
When i went to visit her a few months later i saw this exact pot/bowl on her table filled with fruit and comment how beautiful it looked and how i wanted one. She then told me that it was the flower pot that came with the plant that i had bought her. I did'nt know that as i had ordered the plant over the phone so you can imagine how excited i was when i laid eyes on this little beauty. I am going to use it as a fruit bowl.
Cake stand

Wonderful recipe book

Spode teapot and my IKEA Orchid that i bought last year i am surprised it has survived this long.

Another look at my Spode teapot. It has the most beautiful blue lid i have ever seen.
Each item apart from the books and Teapot cost 50p. The teapot was a pound.

I bought these novels from a charity shop. The Alchemist Daughter, The Time Travellers Wife and Roald Dahl's 2 in 1 book Boy and Going Solo for Master T. I did say he loves Roald Dahl.
The books were 99p each

The complete cupcake kit and the breadmaker are from a previous bootsale both brand new and boxed.

What have you found on your treasure hunt? Hope it was all good stuff. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Do Something Amazing Give Blood

This week is the Daniel De Gale Blood Donation Week (3-8 October 2011). As a recipient of blood i know how important blood donation is. It saved my life before and i know one day i might need it again. If you are between the ages of 17- 65 please think about it and donate. It's such an amazing gift to those who need it.