Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Is it just me or is it Winter already, i know it's Autumn but to me these two seasons just blend into one. I am more of a Spring and Summer person. I have had to put my heating on today and i think it's time i get those electric blankets on the bed and start wearing scarves, gloves hats and snuggle to my hot water bottles.

MSE did help with my winter preparations all i have to do now is to try and keep warm. Master T has no problem with the cold, he does not put on a jumper even if the heating is off. He does start complaining when he goes upstairs. For some reason that part of the house is always freezing even with the heating on.

I also seem to have a slight cold hope it doesn't get worse.

Get well soon to me.

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  1. yep. It Is Autumn. I am officially into my Opaque Tights Season- and wore my flannel pjs for the first time this week.

    husband has lost weight - and now says he feels the cold more than he did when he had a layer of fat insulating him!!