Tuesday, 31 January 2012

February Challenge

I have never been one to make new years resolutions because i am not an organised person so i usually do not know what i want. I have decided though after reading other blogs to set myself some small challenges each month and see if i can complete them. Hopefully the challenges will differ from month to month and i carry them on for the rest of the year.

Without further ado... drum roll please... my challenges for this month are as follows

1) Writing a meal plan every week and sticking to it
2) Reading one novel this month
3) Learn to use my sewing machine properly and make something with it
4) Tidy the house as i go along instead of leaving it for the weekend
5) Eat dinner at the table
6) Be more involved with Master T
7) Take part in Fat mum slim February photo a day challenge
8) Start thinking and planning my garden
9) Start writing lists of the things i need to do, in other words be more organised
10) Nip my spending in the bud by drawing up a spreadsheet of my income and out goings
11) Blog more often

I am sure some will be more challenging than others but i am going to try my very best and please do cheer me on. x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guess What I Have Done..

Be warned it's nothing exciting. I decided it was time i started making a meal plan because my meals are always all over the place and they are disorganised at best. I have gone for at least two meat free days, one day is pure vegeterian day and the other is a fish day. I hope this isn't a one off but something that i will keep doing for a long time.

There is some logic to why i chose certain meals for certain days. The easy to prepare meals are for when i finish late at my placement or. I am glad to say that i am not finishing very late this week compared to some weeks when i have had to finish at 9pm. Trying to think of something to eat at that hour is near impossible and starting to cook is not an option, i do thank God for small mercies because when i am finishing at 9pm Master T is fed at the child minders.

I know some people may say i should  bulk cook over the weekend and freeze the food that way it will just be a matter of defrosting and the meal is ready. I have tried it and it didn't work for me. Hopefully meal planning will work.

Anyway enough about my ramblings and on to this weeks meals

Sunday- Roast potatoes, beef and ale pie with mixed vegetables and gravy.
Monday- Bits and bobs of food lying in the fridge or butternut squash and carrot soup.
Tuesday- Home made spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread and homemade salad.
Wednesday- Brocolli and cauliflower cheese with something havent decided what. Any suggestions?
Thursday- Steak and ale pie with chips.
Friday- Couscous with smocked Mackerel
Saturday- Peanut buttered rice with chicken stew

I do hope i stick to this meal, if i do it will be the beginning of me being more organised.

Hope you all had a good weekend. xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm Back...

Hello everyone hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. I was away over the Christmas and New Year's holiday but now i am back to reality and trying to adjust to my normal routine.
I honestly do not feel motivated to do anything my mind and body are still on holiday. I need to snap out of it because time is passing me by.

Hope you all had a good week.xx