Monday, 18 November 2013

Looking Forward...

I know from reading different blogs that most people have Christmas on their mind.  Christmas lists of all sorts. Planning meals, Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, making presents or wrapping them. I managed to wrap 3 presents over the weekend so that is 3 people sorted.
I also had a little discussion with Master T about when we should put up the Christmas tree and we have agreed to put it up on Christmas eve. In past years we've put up the tree 2nd week of December but only put the star up on the 24th. From this year on it is going to be different, we are going to make the most of advent and look forward to Christmas.
When will you be putting up your tree.

Friday, 8 November 2013

The World of Finances...

I am still up at this hour trying to sort out my finances and it's a nightmare but has to be done. Since I now have a job I have decided to see what's what instead of playing the guessing game. I have moved all my direct debits to the beginning of the month so everyone gets paid when I get paid. I have looked at ISA's, savings accounts, saving versus paying off debt, the whole lot. I even checked my credit report and it's not pretty. It has however improved since the last time I checked so I must be doing something right.
When I checked my credit report I have noticed that there are a few things wrong on it. At some point I have apparently borrowed  or owed £999 998. If my maths is right that is £2 short of  a £1 000 000. What I would have done with that money. This same account says I owe something like £53 which I know I don't, I don't know whether it was before or after I had paid off the £999 998. It's just ridiculous. There is also an account on there that I don't even recognise so both items are on tomorrows to do list.
My head is full of information and I need rest before I can make any big decisions so I best take myself to bed.
Hope you've all enjoyed whatever you have been doing.

Monday, 4 November 2013

What I've Been Up To...

I know I have been absent from my blog since June. Life became hectic then and I was busy with everyday things as well as trying to complete my course. The good news is I passed my course and was lucky enough to have 2 jobs waiting for me and a few interviews to go to. It's been a month now since I started full time work and can honestly say I love it. I still have graduation to look forward to which is in a months time so fingers crossed it all goes well.
Summer went by so quickly and I am still longing for it. Autumn and winter are nowhere near the top of my favourite things. Anyway I had a wonderful summer and it was made better because my sister came to visit for 4 whole weeks. Master T and I also went to Euro Disney the 1st week of the holidays and to be honest I surprised myself. The whole experience was amazing and I enjoyed more than I thought I would and more than Master T. I took loads of photos but I don't know were I put my camera.
My brother and his girlfriend also came to visit and I am going to be an aunt very soon. Summer also gave me a chance to evaluate my life. There are so many things I would love to do and so many others that I have to do. I have a list in place but I need to prioritise and give myself a timescale for some of the things.
Anyway I best get going. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

How Did This Happen...

...that I am a mother to an 11 year old boy. It's as if I just blinked and it happened. Time definitely flies. Master T has turned out to be wonderful, loving and caring young man. I must be doing something right (position halo on top of head). We celebrated yesterday with a meal and movie and we took it easy today. I prefer my Sundays to be chilled. He opened his presents today and we have munched on cake (thanks M&S).

Sorry I have been AWOL just been very busy.

Will be back soon.