Friday, 8 November 2013

The World of Finances...

I am still up at this hour trying to sort out my finances and it's a nightmare but has to be done. Since I now have a job I have decided to see what's what instead of playing the guessing game. I have moved all my direct debits to the beginning of the month so everyone gets paid when I get paid. I have looked at ISA's, savings accounts, saving versus paying off debt, the whole lot. I even checked my credit report and it's not pretty. It has however improved since the last time I checked so I must be doing something right.
When I checked my credit report I have noticed that there are a few things wrong on it. At some point I have apparently borrowed  or owed £999 998. If my maths is right that is £2 short of  a £1 000 000. What I would have done with that money. This same account says I owe something like £53 which I know I don't, I don't know whether it was before or after I had paid off the £999 998. It's just ridiculous. There is also an account on there that I don't even recognise so both items are on tomorrows to do list.
My head is full of information and I need rest before I can make any big decisions so I best take myself to bed.
Hope you've all enjoyed whatever you have been doing.

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  1. My friend Kath had a similar thing recently when she applied for a mortgage. Apparently she had had a mortgage when she was 18which she knew she hadn't! Hope it is sorted ok x