Monday, 18 November 2013

Looking Forward...

I know from reading different blogs that most people have Christmas on their mind.  Christmas lists of all sorts. Planning meals, Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, making presents or wrapping them. I managed to wrap 3 presents over the weekend so that is 3 people sorted.
I also had a little discussion with Master T about when we should put up the Christmas tree and we have agreed to put it up on Christmas eve. In past years we've put up the tree 2nd week of December but only put the star up on the 24th. From this year on it is going to be different, we are going to make the most of advent and look forward to Christmas.
When will you be putting up your tree.


  1. OOoh, I haven't had a treee for years. Hopefully we will have one!x

  2. Christmas Eve - as it should be!!!!