Monday, 1 October 2012

2nd Year...

Today was the first day of my second year at university/placement. I also viewed my ratified results for all my modules and i am glad to say i have no resubmissions because i passed all my assignments, examsa and all my practical assessments first time. If i am honest it feels like a dream, it feels like only yesterday i started at Uni and now i am in my 2nd  and and final year. Luckily for me my course is only 2 years but it is an intense course and sometimes things can get so overwhelming due to the pressure. I managed to survived the 1st year and i am determined to survive the final year.

I struggled a bit last year with balancing homelife, being on placement and having to do all my academic work at the same time. I am also hoping that last years experiences will come in handy in organising my life so that i have some sort of balance in my life. My first lecture is tomorrow morning and i need to jot down my placement and university timetable in my trusted diary.

 Without this diary i would be lost

It is designed as a family planner and on mum's page i usually have my placement and university timetable as well as my study day or my day off. The university timetable is usually tricky because  my lectures can be in different parts of the campus in different rooms so I also write down the building and room number. I don't bother with the times because all my lectures start at the same time whatever day it is. I will only write it down if there has been a change. I also write down any other appointments that i have so that i know what i am doing. On the family side of the diary i write down all o Master T's day to day activities for example if he has been to breakfast club and how much i paid for it, the times he finishes at the child minder, appointments and any after school clubs or activities that he is taking part in.

I had the same type of diary in my 1st year and it proved to be very useful. The only difference was that it had a pink cover. I some of  my previous posts i have mentioned how disorganised i am and sometimes this causes me a lot of stress but this academic year i choose to enjoy my life, my son and all my work. Everyday i am working on strategies that will hopefully improve and make my life easily manageable.

How do you balance your career, home and everything else?

Hope you all have a good week. xx