Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh Dear...

I sat my exam today and i am not hopeful. It was rock hard but will just have to wait and see. I also got an estimate for the damage to my car and it's not cheap. I have sorted out what i need to stay legal so we are shopping around for everything else. I had to replace the front number plate and i couldn't do it until i produced my log book and drivers licence. Who knew so be warned?
I had the rest of the day off after the exam. The rest of the class went for drinks and lunch after the exam but i decided against it. I knew that the topic for discussion will be the exam and people will be comparing their answers. I just didn't fancy that and i did not want someone else telling me that my answers were wrong i will leave that to my lecturer thank you very much. It turns out i was right so going home is one of  the best decision i have made so far this year ;)
Now that all the snow is gone i decided to take a tour of my garden. I looked at my flower bed and most things are dead so that will need sorting out but there are signs of life, some of my spring bulbs have shoots. I bought a lot of spring bulbs hoping to plant them but then the floods happened so i never got round to planting all of them. I even turned my compost but ended up cutting myself on the compost bin. 

I will never achieve this but i can only dream
My garden is a work in progress just like everything in my life. There are so many spaces in the flower bed to be filled. I will be growing some plants from seed and will be visiting the reduced section of the garden centers round my area. I made a couple of raised beds last year so i will be growing some veg as well. Just thinking of the growing season is making me smile.
Do you have any plans for your garden this year?  

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hope It's Over...

It's been over a week now since my incident with the snow ;) thanks Kezzie and SFT and now the snow has melted round my parts of the world i will be back on the road. I will be getting a quotation on the damage i caused to my car tomorrow so fingers crossed. Due to the snow we spent most of the time indoors and it gave me a chance to declutter some of my stuff. This is an ongoing project which i am aiming to complete by the summer holiday.
I seem to go round in circles but this year is my year, i am going to try to be a minimalist to a point. I do fear that i might have some sort of hoarding syndrome (if that's what they call it). I find i buy 2 of just about everything just incase. Just incase of what i am beginning to wonder. I have been here before. Many times i have told myself i am decluttering and yes a lot of things have made their way out of the house but into the shed. What is the point. I always think well i might need that so i won't throw it or give it away or sometimes i think i will sell it. Then after a month or so the shed becomes so cluttered and it need sorting out and guess what i do. I move stuff from the shed into the house so the cycle begins.
Recently i realised what i was doing and have tried my best to take thing to the charity shop instead of putting them in the shed. It feels wonderful not spending my off days trying to create order in a very messy. It was seriously draining the life out of me. I know it's early days but i am a determined woman.
How do you manage clutter in your home?
I have an exam on Tuesday so i best get revising.
Hope the weather is better wherever you are.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Not A Good Start...

Christmas has been and gone and the New Year hasn't started well. First week of January i received some not so good news and i just went and crushed my car today on our way to school. We are both fine and the driver of the other car is fine as well but his car is worse than mine. My insurance company is dealing with it all as it was at fault. No question about my premiums going up when i renew. My car slid in the snow. We both decided to take the day off and came back home. I think i need new tyres as well. Anyway i am not going to let it dampen my spirit.


Hope 2013 has started well for you. On a brighter note we are both curled up on the sofa watching TV with the heating on drinking plenty of tea and Master T drinking hot chocolate.
Hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing