Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hope It's Over...

It's been over a week now since my incident with the snow ;) thanks Kezzie and SFT and now the snow has melted round my parts of the world i will be back on the road. I will be getting a quotation on the damage i caused to my car tomorrow so fingers crossed. Due to the snow we spent most of the time indoors and it gave me a chance to declutter some of my stuff. This is an ongoing project which i am aiming to complete by the summer holiday.
I seem to go round in circles but this year is my year, i am going to try to be a minimalist to a point. I do fear that i might have some sort of hoarding syndrome (if that's what they call it). I find i buy 2 of just about everything just incase. Just incase of what i am beginning to wonder. I have been here before. Many times i have told myself i am decluttering and yes a lot of things have made their way out of the house but into the shed. What is the point. I always think well i might need that so i won't throw it or give it away or sometimes i think i will sell it. Then after a month or so the shed becomes so cluttered and it need sorting out and guess what i do. I move stuff from the shed into the house so the cycle begins.
Recently i realised what i was doing and have tried my best to take thing to the charity shop instead of putting them in the shed. It feels wonderful not spending my off days trying to create order in a very messy. It was seriously draining the life out of me. I know it's early days but i am a determined woman.
How do you manage clutter in your home?
I have an exam on Tuesday so i best get revising.
Hope the weather is better wherever you are.


  1. i think i have a slight hoarding tendency too but i seem to have it under control. mine stems from moving around so much as a child, everything i owned in the world had to weigh 10kgs or less... but now i know i can have whatever i choose in my life i find it easier to let go of the unnecessary. whats that quote, dont keep anything unless you know it to be useful or find it to be beautiful :) xx

  2. Sorry to read about your accident Millie - for some reason your posts don't always show up in my list so I've just read about it. I'm on a major declutter at the moment in the attic room and the attic storage area. Some stuff has gone to the tip for recycling, some to the charity shop and some has been sold, but mostly things just needed tidying up and putting away properly, rather than being 'dumped' up there. I'ts going to be great to have the room back as one that is functional.
    Good luck with your exam!

  3. I'll be praying re the damage!
    Oh I so understand re the decluttering! I just get so annoyed with myself sometimes! Hope that I can gain your determination!x