Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh Dear...

I sat my exam today and i am not hopeful. It was rock hard but will just have to wait and see. I also got an estimate for the damage to my car and it's not cheap. I have sorted out what i need to stay legal so we are shopping around for everything else. I had to replace the front number plate and i couldn't do it until i produced my log book and drivers licence. Who knew so be warned?
I had the rest of the day off after the exam. The rest of the class went for drinks and lunch after the exam but i decided against it. I knew that the topic for discussion will be the exam and people will be comparing their answers. I just didn't fancy that and i did not want someone else telling me that my answers were wrong i will leave that to my lecturer thank you very much. It turns out i was right so going home is one of  the best decision i have made so far this year ;)
Now that all the snow is gone i decided to take a tour of my garden. I looked at my flower bed and most things are dead so that will need sorting out but there are signs of life, some of my spring bulbs have shoots. I bought a lot of spring bulbs hoping to plant them but then the floods happened so i never got round to planting all of them. I even turned my compost but ended up cutting myself on the compost bin. 

I will never achieve this but i can only dream
My garden is a work in progress just like everything in my life. There are so many spaces in the flower bed to be filled. I will be growing some plants from seed and will be visiting the reduced section of the garden centers round my area. I made a couple of raised beds last year so i will be growing some veg as well. Just thinking of the growing season is making me smile.
Do you have any plans for your garden this year?  

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  1. Oh how unfortunate. I will pray re both. Am sure the exam wasn't as bad as you thought! The tulips are a nice thought though! I don't really do much in my garden except a bit of weeding and pruning- my mum comes over and does it!! She's uber protective of it!x