Thursday, 18 April 2013

30 Ways To Save £1

Just thought I would join in the Money Supermarket pound saving tips.

1) Hand wash bra's and tights, they will last longer.
2) Save money on a window cleaner and fancy window cleaning products and clean your windows with free newspapers and water.
3) Look after your appliances so they last longer i.e wipe and dry your microwave after use to avoid water collection which can damage your oven.
4) If you have to buy potted herbs from the supermarket, repot them when you get home so you can enjoy them longer.
5) Buy pre-loved items to save money
6) If you have to buy new items shop around and use cash back websites.
7) Never go shopping hungry you will spend more
8) Pop some snacks in your bag when you leave the house, that way when you get peckish you won't be tempted to buy expensive snacks.
9) Learn to cook from scratch
10) Menu plan
11) Go shopping a day later than you would usually and try using up what you already have in your cupboards.
12) Go shopping with a list to avoid buying unnecessary items.
13) Have one meat free day a week.
14) Grow your own fruit and vegetables.
15) Find free things to do in your local area, go to the park or visit free museums.
16) Use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar for cleaning.
17) Use half the recommended washing powder when doing your laundry.
18) Wash your own car, a rag, water, bucket and a drop of washing up liquid is all you need.
19) Store food properly it prevents waste.
20) Buy Christmas and birthday presents throughout the year when they are a fraction of the price.
21) For items that you will probably only use one for example wallpaper stripper ask friends if they can lend you one.
22) Set a budget and know your income and expenses in and out to avoid small surprises.
23) For shorter journeys walk instead of using the car.
24) Stopping and starting the car wastes fuel. Try setting off early to beat the traffic it not only reduces fuel cost but stress levels.
25) Take your own snacks to the movies.
26) Not all items need to washed on a long cycle or in warm water. Were possible use a shorter cycle at a low temperature.
27) Clean muddy and dirty shoes as soon as possible they will last longer.
28) Car share to work and on the school run.
29) If you want to catch up with friends but can't afford to go out or make a meal for everyone. Ask everyone to bring a dish to share and their favourite tipple.
30) Buy a brand cheaper than you would normally and try cheaper cuts of meat or even goat meat, it's a lot cheaper.

What are your top tips when it comes to saving money?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Lifes Little Pleasure...

Lie ins
Cheap wine
Watching movies
Family and old friends
Brief encounter with the sun 
Spending time with Master T
Hot water for long baths and showers 
My house finally beginning to feel like home
Opinions aren't facts so I can take them or leave them
Glancing in the mirror and briefly seeing Master T in me (Shocker)
Some of the things I have been enjoying this half term