Sunday, 29 January 2012

Guess What I Have Done..

Be warned it's nothing exciting. I decided it was time i started making a meal plan because my meals are always all over the place and they are disorganised at best. I have gone for at least two meat free days, one day is pure vegeterian day and the other is a fish day. I hope this isn't a one off but something that i will keep doing for a long time.

There is some logic to why i chose certain meals for certain days. The easy to prepare meals are for when i finish late at my placement or. I am glad to say that i am not finishing very late this week compared to some weeks when i have had to finish at 9pm. Trying to think of something to eat at that hour is near impossible and starting to cook is not an option, i do thank God for small mercies because when i am finishing at 9pm Master T is fed at the child minders.

I know some people may say i should  bulk cook over the weekend and freeze the food that way it will just be a matter of defrosting and the meal is ready. I have tried it and it didn't work for me. Hopefully meal planning will work.

Anyway enough about my ramblings and on to this weeks meals

Sunday- Roast potatoes, beef and ale pie with mixed vegetables and gravy.
Monday- Bits and bobs of food lying in the fridge or butternut squash and carrot soup.
Tuesday- Home made spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread and homemade salad.
Wednesday- Brocolli and cauliflower cheese with something havent decided what. Any suggestions?
Thursday- Steak and ale pie with chips.
Friday- Couscous with smocked Mackerel
Saturday- Peanut buttered rice with chicken stew

I do hope i stick to this meal, if i do it will be the beginning of me being more organised.

Hope you all had a good weekend. xx


  1. Sounds good! I should do this too! I've been trying to make sure I get my fruit and veg and cook things from scratch recently which has worked! I'm really into Pak choi at the moment- would that go with the broccili cheese? or, cook lots of cherry tomatoes in oil, with balsamic vinegar and marjoram- that might go nicely with the B and c cheese!? You can sling the pak choi in there also!

  2. I love the idea of a meal plan but never get round to acctually writing one! good on ya!

  3. This looks like a good meal plan - but I couldn't leave my Sunday leftovers till Thursday!
    Fascinated by Peanut buttered rice - can you supply a recipe please!
    blessings x