Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Weekend

Those who know me very well will tell you that i am a Master Procrastinator. For some reason i keep putting things off and telling myself that are will do them but never get round to it. This weekend was the weekend i decided to put a full stop to my procrastinating habit (i hope). It has been a very productive weekend in my books. I managed to sort out clothes that i took out of the shed four weeks ago and just dumped on my bedroom floor in bags and boxes. I have been struggling to open my wardrobe because of this.

I took all the clothes that i didn't need to the charity shop and kept what i thought i could sell on ebay. I had loads of Master T's books that he had outgrown and i found them a good home. I did the same with some DVD's i didn't need. Among all this stuff was a lot of rubbish that just ended up in the bin.

I also baked bread, gave myself a mini manicure and pedicure, washed my hair, spent two hours with a good friend and four more with another friend, sorted out chidcare for Master T, did a bit of paper work as well as tidying up the house, washed and ironed all dirty clothes.

Now that i have done all this i hope this helps my mood this coming week and i won't feel too stressed. I need to keep my head down and get on with a mini assignment for university that i haven't started but is due this Friday. I did say i am a Master Procastinator.

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  1. That's seriously impressive! I dream of being this productive being a fellow serial procrastinator! Hope that the Uni assignment is ok!