Thursday, 3 November 2011

Happy Birthday....

Master T is 9 today. The years have flown by i cannot believe it. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I loved him the moment the midwife placed him in my arms. Can't believe how a tiny little baby can steal your heart so unexpectedly.

I wanted his first name to start with the letter T and i had toyed around with different names but could not think or find a name that i thought would suit him. By the time i was about 7 months i had narrowed down his middle name to Gabriel or Alexander. Gabriel after the Angel Gabriel who brought the good news to Mary that she was going to be the mother of God and Alexander because i loved the way you can shorten it. The choices being Alex, Xander or Lex.

When i held him for the first time i just new what his name was going to be and it wasn't a name i had thought about before and so i named him Master T. Middle name wise i settled for Gabriel because of the reason mention above and because it is 2 letters shorter than Alexander. His first name is eight lettered and as it is not an English name and can be difficult to pronounce i wasn't going to lump him with Alexander. Odd reason i am sure but that's what happens when you have nothing to do in a martenity ward.

He has grown into an independent, loving and caring young man. He is a little chatter box and very friendly he will talk to anyone who will talk to him which is a big worry and he is very ,very impressionable. He is happier around people and is creative. I know he will go on to do great things. I am biased i know but i am his mother so i have to have faith in him.

...oh did i mention that i love him to the moon and back....

Happy Birthday my dearest son.xx

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  1. Birthday Blessings on your dear boy! Been trying to guess his name ... T-------
    Terrence, Theodore, Thaddeus, Thorston, Tristram, Turlough...

    Gabriel and Alex are both great names too!