Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Treasures....

I haven't been to the carboot sale because of the weather so all my treasures are either from jumble sales or charity shops.

I am in love with this rose printed tea set. It consists of  4 cups, saucers and side plates. I managed to find myself a conserve jar with spoon included.
C. S Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia collection. The 7 books are The Magician's nephew, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The horse and his boy, Prince Caspian, The voyage of the Dawntreader, The Silver chair and The last battle.

Mrs Beeton's cookery book. The reason i bought this apart from the price tag (50p) was because of an article i read in the Good Food magazine by Gerard Baker. He has updated some of Mrs Beeton's recipe to be more modern and i wanted to have a read of some of the original recipes.

Every year i grow herbs and every year they die before i can use them. Hopefully this little book will be worth more than what i paid for it.

Cookie cutters. Reindeer, snowman, gingerbread man, heart, teddy bear, duck and candy cane shaped. I am not sure what shape the orange cutter is. Any ideas?

Some clothes

I love them all

Last but no means the least this book. Martin Lewis has nothing on me i managed to buy this for 70p. I am hoping it will be of some use to me come January. If not i know i can always rely on my fellow bloggers for hints and tips on saving those pennies.

So far i have everything that i need and will be taking a break from shopping for myself. I will keep posting some of the things that i have bought in the past few weeks.


  1. Oooh am loving all your purchases! The skirt is especially pretty!

  2. Lovely things. Could the orange cutter be an owl?

  3. Such a pretty tea set!

    And I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the Money Diet. I'm trying to cut back on shopping too.

  4. I love the rose print tea set, gorgeous! :)

  5. I too thought the orange cutter was an owl. Lovely cutters, can never have enough of them. Like your conserve jar but tea set not to my taste. We have those books and you can't beat a little Mrs Beeton

  6. ah thanks Scarlet it does look like an owl

  7. Yeah that tea set is totally wicked.
    I love Narnia, even now when I read them I find myself being suckedinto this totally ethereal place.

  8. Yes I thought owl too - just needs some sweets to make big eyes! That's the same Narnia set I had as a kid.