Thursday, 10 November 2011


Master T came back from the childminder this evening so excited he said "Mum, mum you won't believe what happened at swimming today." He didn't even give me to a chance to ask "What?" He just blurted out the news. He told me that he had swam 10metres without any arm bands and without stopping and he swam to the deep end of the pool. I am not so sure about the deep end part but i am still proud.

He is in Y4 and he started going for swimming lessons with his school for a term when he was in Y3 as part of their curriculum. Between the end of September this year and now he has gone from having 4 arm bands to swimming 10metres without any. I know it doesn't that much of exciting news but i can't swim and i wish i could and this is one of those moments/ activities that i am trying to live through my child hence the excitement.

I really wish i could swim hopefully one day i will join a swimming class AGAIN.


  1. Ah well done to him! It's always so fab when they swim for the first time- they are so proud of themselves! I was a year 5 teacher fr the past 4 years and they had their first swimming lessons there and it was a wonder to behold!

  2. I'm so happy for you, you sound so proud! I think you should learn how to swim, maybe master T could teach you?! It'd be a lot of fun for you both! :)