Monday, 19 September 2011

My Treasures

I did say i would post my treasure finds today while i am waiting for Master T's bed to be delivered. I phoned them this morning hoping that they would be able to narrow down the time of delivery and all they could tell me was i should expect the bed between mid afternoon to late afternoon. What does that even mean. Anyway all i have to do is wait.

Here are my treasures
My Lot

2 brand new hot water bottles, brand new nice pair of comfy shoes and wall maps of Great Britain and the World for Master T. The World map has the flags of all the countries which i think is great.

Winter hat, wall hanging mirror with shelf and hooks for the hallway, needs a bit of cleaning and a new mirror because the one there is a plasticky one full of scratches, 2 make up bags the green flowery one is brand new with tags so will keep it and use it as a pressy for someone. I like the red one, the white bits are stars. I have another one with white spots on. Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox for Master T he wants the whole collection of Mr Dahl's books. He loves books one thing he gets from me and a Spiderwick Chronicles book not forgetting the Oxo tin. Dont know why i bought it. Might put my buttons in there.

White and blue jug, decanter for bubble bath already have two (naughty naughty). Milk jug, sugar bowl and cups and saucers. Had forgotten all about Superman wish he was real he could be of some use around the house...

Last but no means the least my best finds. Wooden tray with vine branches. The leaves are gold and the tray handles have a beautiful design. Shame i am not such a good photographer. I also love the tea set it has light blue flowers as the design. Will have to improve on my photo taking skills because you can barely see all the detail.

Thats all i could find on my treasure hunt. Best go and make room for that bed.


  1. Hello :) nice collection, love the tray !

  2. I love the idea of using a glass decanter for bubble bath - I am stealing that one!

  3. Wow what a haul!

    Love the hall mirror, that looks great.

    I love to keep my bubbles in pretty bottles and decanters too!

  4. wow you got such a nice collection of stuff! i especially like the shoes and milk jug xx

  5. Lovely haul. I like the OXO Tin and the maps best of all. Well done on starting a blog too

  6. I too will be stealing the idea of a bubble bath decanter! Man Wonderful was given a lead crystal whiskey set when he left a workplace some years ago and it languishes in a cupboard - no more!!! Decanter to the bathroom, glasses to eBay!! FMx

  7. Wow - what a great haul - you did do well!

  8. The Oxo tin and red make-up bag particularly caught my eye, but there's lots of other lovely stuff too