Thursday, 29 September 2011

...And a Very Happy Thrifty Thursday To You Too

Thank you to everyone who has read or decided to follow my blog and another thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday. I am a student now thats why i have been AWOL. I will write another post soon about it.

My bathroom does not have a shower only a bath tub so to reduce my gas bill when heating bath water i turn down the water temperature on my boiler especially over the summer. If you have a child like mine who turns on the tap to fill the bath and then decides to go back to his room to play leaving the water running you will know what i mean. When he comes back the bath is half full and he still needs to mix the hot water with cold water to get it to the right temperature or he decides its too much and pulls the plug. Kids hey.

By reducing the water temperature by setting it to what i require i know no matter how much water he fills the bath with its ready for him to go in. For more thrifty tips visit Angela's blog on


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