Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a Nightmare !!!

The bed was finally delivered on Tuesday. What a carry on i had trying to assemble it. After ripping off all the packaging i was happy to find out that it was a one person job so i decided to get on with it.

           These are all the pieces before i assembled it

When i got to this stage i thought yay i am nearly there but boy was i wrong.

After all that excitement i found out i had too many of these (slats)

And too many of these (screws) than those listed in the manual.

I also had no idea what these were as they were not refered to in the instruction manual.
I had no option other than to abandon this little project until i had spoken to someone from the bed shop.
They were very helpful and were able to tell me that the above were wooden spacers to space the slats because there are no markings on the bed for where the screws go.

They weren't able to tell me why i had too many slats and screws but suggested that they might be spares. I went back to finish assembling the bed and had another little discovery. The contents list on the manual was wrong i actually had the right number of slats but still too many screws. Anyway i decided to just get on with. it as i was getting fed up with it all.

This is the fruit of my labour. Got bruised hands to show for it. Had to use a screw driver and it was a tough job.

Master T will have the sweetest dreams tonight because that bed was assembled with lot's of love and care. 

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  1. Well done you! Flatpack can be a proper nightmare but you have done a great job! FMx