Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Here I Go Again...

I am still at it. Decluttering i mean. I am beginning to like the inside of my house. There is less and and less clutter and the house looks and feels fresh. I don't know why i have been living the way i was. I am not THERE yet even though i don't know what or where THERE is. I suppose i will know when i am THERE.
I have started to notice some of the habits that i have when it comes to hoarding. I tackled the kitchen over the weekend and i was shocked. I found so many things that i didn't even know i owned and most of them had never been used. I cleared most of it and have only left the things that i need instead of things i want. Doing this has created a lot of cupboard space which i have put to good use by storing all the other things that have been cluttering my counter tops.

These 3 pieces of furniture have been languishing in the shed for nearly 3 years now (moved to a smaller house and have no space in the house) For the past 3 years i have thought of giving them away to charity or a friend, keeping them for when i need them, selling them. On Friday i made up my mind, they had to go. I just had to stop thinking of how much money i spent on buying because they were no longer useful to me.

I quickly dismantled them before i had a chance to change my mind and took them to the charity shop.
My journey continues.
On to a funnier and illegal note, I have been walking driving around with the wrong number plate on my car for the past 2 weeks. Only realised yesterday and have had it fixed today.
Hope you are all well.


  1. Yay! Well done you! I am totally just as bad at hoarding! My craft supply of scraps of card to recycle is awful!x

  2. Hi Millie, we have been paired together in Evelyn's pen pal post, I'm really looking forward to getting to know you, perhaps you could email me and we could swap addresses x