Monday, 8 December 2014

Pause In Advent # 2

                     the restoration of friendly relations.

Every now and again friends and family fall out for many different reason. Some major and some very petty but regardless of how big the fallout some people never get to make amends. We all know someone who has fallen out with a loved one and years have gone by and they still do not talk. It's always heart breaking to hear the story behind these fallouts and sometimes you can feel the regret in their voices or just see it in their eyes that they wish things were different.

As human beings we find it difficult to make the first move, to ask for forgiveness or to just be the bigger person and say we are sorry. I think this time of Advent is a great time to possibly take that step. Cards are being posted left, right and centre and an extra card to that person will not do any harm. With most people filled with the Christmas spirit maybe that's all that it will take to reconcile with your loved one.

Send that text, card or email. The worst thing that could happen is not getting a reply but the best thing that will happen is having that loved one back in your life.



  1. Ah, what an important point! YES, it can be a great time for reconciliation! After all that's what God did with us!Some of us reply, some don't!x

  2. I shall take your advice on emailing once again to my estranged daughter. It is the season of miracles, so who knows.

  3. Good word! It's true that disagreements and hurt feelings can grow and deform our true love. Breaking the ice is almost always worth the risk.

  4. A very kind and generous thought.