Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I don't think I have mentioned this but Master T starts secondary school this September. We managed to get a place at our first school choice which was obviously great as I really didn't want him to go to any other school and he felt the same way.

Today was induction day at his soon to be new school. He seems to have loved it and is looking forward to tomorrow as he is there again.

So many changes are going to happen in both our lives as we try to make a smooth transition between primary and secondary. I am trying as best as I can to prepare him for what's to come. All the incidents that have recently happened at school and he has told me about I have tried yo relate them as much as I can to life in secondary school so he knows how best to deal with them. I know it will take time and things won't always go to plan but I do hope that in the 11 years he has been on this earth I have somehow taught him some of the skills that he requires to navigate this big wide world we live in. 

I know it's only secondary school not the end of the world so I do hope I keep that in mind.

What advice would you give to a parent and child who are starting on this journey.


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  1. I know, It's v difficult! I always worry about our kids, esp the sensitive ones! Just ensure the lines of communication stay open esp with a boy, not sure what else really. X