Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Good Weekend...

On Saturday we went to Liverpool to watch the Lion King and we absolutely loved it. It is the only show I have ever considered watching live and I can tell you it was brilliant and I am telling everyone who will listen. After the show we went to Blackpool, stayed the night and on Sunday we went to Madame Tussauds and onto the Blackpool Tower. I was so disappointed with the tower for some reason plus it was very foggy so we couldn't enjoy the view so that didn't help. Before going to the top of the tower we watched a 5min long 4D movie which I thought was amazing so it made up for the non existent views.

We also loved Madame Tussauds but it wasn't as big as I had imagined it to be and there wasn't as many wax works as I thought there would be either. I still loved it for what it was Now I want to go to the one in London. I posed for a lot of pictures with my favourite wax works only to be disappointed by the end product. All the photos  were blurry you can barely make out my face or anything else in the photo. Let's just say Master T did not do a very good job as a photographer. I do have very good memories of our weekend away. The weather didn't disappoint so it was weekend to remember.

The only thing that kind of ruined the weekend (but not too much) was the hotel. I can safely say it's the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. It wasn't the cleanest or the most presentable, everything was so dated. If I had to stay in that hotel for more than one night I would have moved along to another hotel. Lets just say it needs a lot of work, the food wasn't bad as it was a dinner bed and breakfast deal and as it was only for one night I thought I would survive. I booked my weekend with National Holidays. I have been on a few trips with them and always find them to be good value for money.

Master T hasn't come down to earth as yet. I suppose the whole weekend was made all the better because it was all a surprise for him.

Hope you all have a good week.


  1. It sounds like you had a fab weekend, despite the disappointing hotel and not being able to see the views. I've lived in the North West since 1976 and still haven't been inside Blackpool Tower despite living not too far from Blackpool.

  2. Sounds lovely despite the let down in hotel! I'd love to see the Lion King!x