Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Challenges...

21) Upcycle some of my stuff.
22) Start working on the garden.
23) Spend time with Master T.
24) Organise the house.
25) Relax and catch up on all the movies i have been recording since January.
26) Complete one of the books that i have started reading. Will probably choose the easiest.
27) Use cash only were possible.
28) Meal Plan
29) Start a sealed pot challenge.
30) Explore my academic options.

Some of the challenges listed are from previous months and i haven't been good at keeping up with them so i am trying again. If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself and try again. I am hoping to spend a lot of time in the garden weather permitting. My house always seems a mess no matter how many times i tidy it. I need to put my bookshelf up, i hope this makes a difference because i have a lot of books everywhere. Hopefully i will also be able to create some form of filling system for all my paper work.


  1. Hi Millie, can you please tell me what is a "sealed pot challenge"?
    Thank you!
    Fostermummy xx

    1. A sealed pot challenge is like a piggy bank the only difference being that you seal it with whatever you want. In my case super glue so that i don't get tempted to open it. You then decide when you want to open it and what you want to use it for, birthdays, christmas etc. Last year i saved 2pound coins, some people reward themselves with for example 20p for not buying that chocolate they craved and some people put the difference of their shopping bill in the pot. The rules are really up to you. Hope this helps.

  2. It's always good to persevere and never be downhearted! I love your positivity!
    I empathise re the house mess thing! I tidy it up and it looks lovely and then becomes total squalor in 2 days! My mum (who owns my house) despairs of me when she comes round!

  3. I totally agree with persevering, when i write a list i always add on the things i didnt do from the last one. Btw i left you a special comment :)