Monday, 21 May 2012

My Treasures...

I have just walked in and i am tired so i won't write much. Just wanted to show you some of the stuff i bought on my treasure hunt these past few weeks. 

I bought this beauty for 50 whole pence at the carboot sale.

Pretty floral lining inside. Dirty i know and a bit stained in places. I took off the lining washed it and resewed it back on so.

It is a bit worn out on the outside, when i bought it i was planning on using it in the garden but my friend thought i was losing my mind for even thinking that. What do you think?

 These were 50 pence each from Marie Curie...

...and these 50 pence for both at the boot sale.

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  1. Your bag is lovely - definitely too good to use in the garden!

    1. Thanks Scarlet. Definitely going to use it as a normal bag.

  2. Love them all, especially the bag!

  3. Now those are bargains, those bracelets are really pricey in the shops!

  4. Perfect bag for visiting the market - definitely too good for the garden!