Monday, 28 May 2012

A Long Weekend...

 This is what i have been up to this weekend

In the green house. In the tan pots are tomatoes as you can see and Master T's peas. He got the seeds free from school. In the middle tray are hollyhock's and the other tray has rudbekia.

 I started working on my raised beds, they are begining to take shape.


I had two barbecues this weekend.

 A barbecue always goes down well with a cold glass of white wine

Free range eggs, wish i had my own chooks. My friend works with someone who lives on a farm and they keep hens and these eggs are from those hens. He was so kind to bring these this afternoon.

I also worked on my flower bed, i even extended it to make room for more flowers.

I am hoping to train the Forsythia in the background. The wheel barrow does help moving things from one place to another.

Just to prove that i did actually do some work, i broke my garden fork. Now i need a new one.

After all the gardening but before the bbq i obviously had to have a shower. The sunshine was a good excuse to expose my legs. 

I have enjoyed my long weekend which started on Thursday evening, the previous post has some of the photos i took on Thursday before we went for something to eat. I was off Friday and today.

Most of Saturday was spent at the park and Sunday at the carboot sale.

If it did not involve being outdoors it did not happen this weekend and that includes any house work.
It is getting chilly outside and tomorrow i am back on placement so i best go get some rest.

Enjoy your week.

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