Thursday, 7 June 2012


Last week the on/off button on my laptop came off/broke off so i couldn't use it. I have had this laptop for over 7years and lately it's just been giving me problems. It takes forever to do anything i want it too which means i waste a lot of time sitting around waiting for things to happen. I have known for a long time now that i need to invest in a new laptop but just never got round to saving for it. Yesterday i took it to the computer repair shop to see if they could fix it for me.

They told me that the problem can't be fixed but they were so kind to show me how i could still switch the laptop on without using the button. It's a nightmare trying to press whatever it is i am supposed to press because it's hidden under the cover and i just randomly press things until it comes on. If i am honest i don't even know what it is i am pressing, i just wait for it to come on. I am not sure how long this trick is going to work for so i have started looking at buying a new computer.

I have looked on the internet and i just can't believe the prices. The cheapest laptop i found was costing just under 300pounds and the price is way way outside what i can afford or should i say what i want to spend. To be honest i was shocked. I am sure those are the prices but because i have never needed to buy one i just never paid attention to the prices.

One of my friends suggested that i should buy a refurbished laptop/netbook. The cheapest was just over 150pounds which is something i can afford. The problem is i am not sure how reliable it will be and i have never used a netbook before. I do not use my laptop for anything fancy, just general stuff. Surfing the net, research for assignments and using word to write assignments. I do not know what to do at the moment, the only thing i am sure of is that i need to start putting money aside because come September i should have a brand new computer or a refurbished one.

If you know of any codes/ vouchers going round for shops that sell laptops feel free to let me know. 

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  1. Ahrgh, how could I have forgotten to nominate you! I was trying to do links from memory! I nominate you for the Versatile blogger in retrospect too! Will go and update later! No idea on this one I'm afraid, I will need to do the same if I leave my school!x