Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Treasures...

I finally took the leap and bought something off Ebay.

 A Kenwood mixer. The man who was selling it thinks its over 45 years old and it belonged to his mother. I guess it qualifies as vintage but that is not the reason i bought it. I have always, always wanted my own Kenwood mixer but if you know anything about mixers you will know that they cost an arm and a leg.

 It came with 3 attachments- a whisk, dough hook and a K beater.

 Its a beautiful turquoise blue colour.

I am so in love.

It also came with the original dust cover.

Because this item was a want more than a need i am a bit embarrassed to say how much i paid for it. So ladies if you wanted this mixer, how much money would you be willing to part with to own. Let's see if you think it's worth more or less than i paid.

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  1. I LOVE my kenwood. A 40th birthday gift - now 17 years old and still going strong.
    I have got ONE further thing for mine - the new flexible RUBBER Kbeater blade [birthday gift from daughter] which is SUPER for 'lighter' cake mixes, and I'd recommend that - but they cost around £25 which seems expensive
    I have no idea what I'd pay to replace mine - £50 perhaps - but I wouldn't sell it for anything less than £1000 !!!!
    blessings x
    ps love the cover

  2. Kenwoods are the best. I have a newer one, but my mum had one for years until I accidentally blew up the motor. I reckon an old one still in working order is probably worth at least £40.

  3. This is so cool, a really great find.

  4. I too have a kenwood, a newish one, a gift from my sister. I simply adore your white and turq vintage version. What a great purchase. Thanks for your lovely comment about the Fathers day card. I can't claim the idea, i found it on Pinterest, but it went down a treat.