Tuesday, 22 May 2012

In My Green House

I just thought i would share a picture of my strawberries in the green house.

 Two lovely red strawberries  

 They might be ready in a couple of days so will look forward to eating them. I hope they are sweet and juicy.

Also in my green house are a few varieties of tomatoes, they are growing very slowly and i think it's due to this weather. Some are doing better than others but i am not very hopeful about having any fruit on any of them, will wait and see. I also have some lettuce which is looking a bit yellow but i am still impressed. I sowed some pumpkin and sweetcorn a month or so ago but there is no sign of life whatsoever. I have resowed the sweetcorn in the house and i will need to buy some pumpkin seeds.

The flowers i started from seed are doing a lot better. My favourites are hollyhock, rudbekia and echinacea. I know they will not flower this year but i hope that when they do they will make my garden beautiful. 

Hope you have sunshine wherever you are.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! I've never had luck with strawberries! They're doing better than my swiss chard which seems to have been decimated by slugs!