Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Sunday...

Today was surprisingly a productive day. I didn't think i would have done the things i have today. I had a lie in this morning which is a lways a good thing for me even though i always beat myself up afterwards for wasting time.

I managed to bake some bread today, i put all the ingredients in the bread maker to mix and rise and then i popped it into the oven to bake. This way i skip the hard labour but still get to enjoy crispy golden bread. Master T loves home baked bread and will happily eat a loaf given the chance.

There were some over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and i had decided to make a banana and chocolate cake but then i found a recipe for banana and walnut cake so i decided to make that one instead because it was much simpler to make. The recipe was for muffins and i just couldnt be bothered dividing the mixture between the cases so i chucked the mix into two loaf tins. I decided to give one of the cakes to my friend who had come to visit. We have already devoured half the cake between the two of us (Master T and I).

I also phoned my niece who was in the middle of writing an assignment which is due on Tueasday and also spoke to another friend who is preparing for her exams. I have worked on my assignment and still have a 1000 words to write, i am not panicking yet because i haven't written an introduction or conclusion/ reflection as yet. I do need to start studying for the exam though otherwise it will be a disaster if i fail.

I also had time to do some washing and watched Songs of Praise Choir of the Year while dinner was in the oven. There was even enough time for me to watch the movie Mulan with Master T. All in all a good and productive day i think. This is the reason why i love Sundays, they are much slower and relaxing and they are the days that i usually come up to breathe.

Hope you have all had a good and relaxing Sunday.

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