Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Treasures...

Some of the things i bought .

Never mind the person in the mirror. I fell in love with this mirror the moment i laid eyes on it and just had to buy it. It did help that it was only half price because the charity shop was having a sale. When i originally bought it i was thinking of repainting it and decided to hang it up while i decided on the colour. When i saw it up there all thoughts of repainting it went out the window i just fell in love with it all over again. The photo isn't doing it any justice.
   Book end for Master T's ever growing collection
of books.
 Balls of wool to knit a lovely cowl for myself for winter.
This beautiful spice rack for my kitchen
Less interesting are these 2 magazines, Homes and Antiques from December 2010 and the Christmas magazine for Master T to do as he pleases with come Christmas.

I also bought loads of books but i have decided not to bore you with them. Off to a birthday party soon of one of Master T's classmates.

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Enjoy the rest of the day.


  1. All of them sound brilliant purchases, especially the mirror! I must look out for a spice rack, they seem so useful! Mine are just bunged in a shoebox in the cupboard!

  2. Cool spice rack! Thanks for the magazine which was on the doormat when I got back from Norfolk this afternoon. I shall enjoy reading it enormously!
    Will post pictures of any recipes I cook
    Thanks again - blessings xx

  3. Pretty spice rack! lovely mirror too

  4. Wow, gotta love a sale in the charity shop - my heart does a little dance at that!

    Great mirror, I think you should leave it as it is, it looks perfect there.

    Thanks for linking up x