Saturday, 28 April 2012

More This and That...

I will be starting another block of placement on Monday and as i mentioned in a previous post i am not so keen on the time i finish. Apart from that i have enjoyed all my placements and hope to continue doing so. 

May is round the corner and i will hopefully be going back to menu planning and taking up my monthly challenges. Things are a bit hectic at the moment with exams looming and the last assignment of this academic year is due the same day so life in general is a bit stressful.

Today i went to Ikea with Master T and one of my friends as i needed a bookshelf for my ever growing collection of books that i never seem to find time to read. Another piece of furniture to dust. While i was there i walked through a passage full of mirrors and noticed that i looked very thin quite slim. A lot of people have been saying i have lost weight but i just didn't believe them. While we were having a little wonder in Ikea i saw some scales and decided to weigh myself. I couldn't believe my eyes, it looks like i have lost 4kg without even trying so one reason to smile.

I hope you have all had a good day.

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