Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Treasures...

I know, i know i have been AWOL for more than a month, its just that i have been taking life easy over the summer holiday. To ease myself back into blogging i thought i would show you some of my summer treasures.

Dorothy Perkins dress from carboot sale and it was a pound

Cath Kidston bag 3 pounds from the same carboot. And it is an original.

And here i am wearing the dress yesterday at one of Master T's friends party. Everything that i wore yesterday was all thrifted at the same carboot sale on different occassions. You cant really see the bangle, necklace and the sandles i am wearing.

Linking up with Liz at me and my shadow

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer holiday. Will have to catch up on all the blogs that i follow.



  1. Oh Millie, you look beautiful! What a gorgeous outfit, so perfectly for you! What great finds! I've never been to a carboot, I'd like to! I was wondering when you'd be blogging again! Welcome back to bloggeville!

    1. Thanks Kezzie. I love carboots and you should try to go to one. I hope i am back to blogging fulltime

  2. You look lovely Millie. Great finds at the carboot, and great weather to show them off in!