Monday, 30 July 2012

Garden Dreams...

When i first moved into this house 3years ago the garden was overgrown with brambles. When i mean overgrown i do mean overgrown, there was nothing else but brambles everywhere. The brambles are gone and so far i have managed to grow lawn from seed on one side of the garden and also created a boarder at the end of the lawn. The other side of the garden is still work in progress and i have an idea of what i want my idea to look like when all the work is done.

   A smaller version of this will be lovely and i know where i want it to be.

I have a couple of raised beds already made but not as good as these.

Simple sitting area where i can sit and enjoy the view.

Wildflower meadow
or a rockery

I already have 3 apple trees; 1 cooking, 1 eating and 1 ornamental as well as some fruit bushes.

A proper greenhouse would be nice.

and a potting bench to go with the greenhouse.

What do you think. Am i being over ambitious. What would you most love to have in your garden.

Hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing.

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