Sunday, 23 September 2012

Birthday Treasures...

Today is my birthday, shh don't tell anyone ;) I am 21 31 today, how did that happen. I have always been curious, at what age do you start lying or avoiding the age topic. We had a lovely girls night in with 6 of my friends catered and hosted by yours truly with. Since i started university my social life has been non existant so i thought my birthday would be a great excuse to have the gang round. It was wonderful catching up with everyone, there was plenty of laughter, gossip, screaming, eating and drinking. Everyone left just before 4am this morning and we were all sad to go our separate ways.

After a few hours sleep i woke up tired, had a headache and a sore throat from all the screaming, shouting and chatting. It was very tempting to stay in bed but i decided against it so i got up showered and nearly had birthday cake for breakfast. Master T wanted to go to the carboot so we went but it was freezing cold. I managed to find some birthday presents for myself.

Spray way waterproof coat. Just in time for Tuesday's team building outdoor activities. Bomebody said it's going to rain
2 DVD Solomon Kane and Eat Pray Love, Soap and Glory bag , spray moisturiser and scrub. Boots moisturiser 
Next peacock design purse, Phillips Kindle cover, Elle Macpherson gift set, strawberry necklace and topshop pocket mirror.
Two pairs of shoes for Master T and some Olympic key chains. Master T is collecting all the Olympic memorabilia he can get his hands on.
 These 2 are my favourite birthday presents even though i bought them for my self.
This will be my last carboot for this season. I think i have all i need and the weather is not exactly friend so i would rather curl up on my sofa.
Hope you've all had a good day. I am going to have cake and it will be bed. I will need plenty of rest if i am going to pretend that i am younger than i really am. Linking up with Liz at me and my shadow


  1. A very happy birthday to you Millie! I am glad you had a lovely time with your friends though sorry you weren't feeling well! I hope you feel better soon! You are the same age as me (though I will be 32 fairly soonish!)

  2. Ahhh happy birthday!!

    I have that peacock purse, I got it for my birthday too - love it!

    Good luck on the team building day, rather you than me. I think you may need that jacket :0(