Monday, 17 September 2012

My Treasures...

I had no intention of going to the carboot sale yesterday due to the weather forecast. I just hate getting wet even for a bargain so my plan was to stay indoors and catch up on some house work. I hadn't even put the plan into motion when my friend phoned asking if we wanted to go with her. At that moment all plans of staying in or getting wet were completely forgotten and i quickly said yes so off we went to the carboot. I knew there wouldn't be many sellers but i kept my fingers crossed that i would find something that i liked.

This is what i bought

 Master T bought himself the lego pieces and he built the models especially to put on the blog. The lego pieces cost him £1. The scary toy in the middle is Megatron and he cost him 50pence. He is so proud of his bargain as he calls it. I am forever tripping on lego and transformers, i don't know why i keep letting him buy them.

BBQ season is well and truly over but there is no harm in thinking ahead to next summer. The charcoal was a pound and the 2 fish grills 20pence each. The best buy of the whole year is the scrabble game. I have searched high and low in charity shops and carbootsale with no luck whatsover. I even tried ebay but i was always outbid. I put it down to people buying them for craft projects and all i wanted was one to play. I have never played scrabbles but i'm fascinated by it.  At one point i was even tempted to buy a brand new one from WHSmith until i saw the price. Anyway i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this and i quickly asked for the price. When she said £3 i didn't even hesitate parting with my money. I has all the pieces including instruction. Now all i have to do is learn to play.
Here we have a white purse and black case for glasse 20pence each. The lamp shade was 50pence and will be going in the hallway when i finish this post. The A-Z bookends are very pretty, i love the colour and they are already gracing my bookshelf. The books were 10pence each and i bought 8 of them. These will go to my niece and some to my friends daughter. I think this weeks buys are more practical and will be definitely be used. What do you think?
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  1. Very good buy with the scrabble set! I'm always on the look out to but never seem to see one - I have renewed hope now though :)

  2. You found some really great items Millie! Yes Scrabble is a HARD one to find in any 2nd hand contexts- they really are popular (I absolutely adore Scrabble and I have full-sized AND mini-travel version- it's a great game!). That' great Master T is starting early with being thrifty!

  3. Amazing bargains - so much more fruitful use of time than wasting it on housework!

    I must admit to being one of those naughty crafters who hoovers up Scrabble sets ;0)

  4. How brilliant that you said yes!
    You did fantastically, I'm so pleased you found scrabble- a rare jem. I hope you love your first game!