Thursday, 1 March 2012

February Challenge Update

1) Writing a meal plan every week and sticking to it. I did write a meal plan for 3 out of the 4 weeks. I was flexible with it swapping meals around if i did't feel like eating something. The best thing i discovered about meal planning was it actually saved me money because i wasn't panicking last minute thinking what to eat and going to the shops when i had food in the house.
2) Reading one novel this month. I managed to read more than one book, i read three.
3) Learn to use my sewing machine properly and make something with it. Made a felt bag for my friends daughter, see previous post.
4) Tidy the house as i go along instead of leaving it for the weekend. Took some time to get the hang of this challenge but as the month drew to a close i got into it.
5) Eat dinner at the table. Most days we have eaten dinner at the table. Master T isn't keen on this one, he says he only wants to eat dinner at the table on special occassions.
6) Be more involved with Master T. To be honest i don't know how well i have done this challenge, i have been having some problems with his behaviour.
7) Take part in Fat mum slim February photo a day challenge. Failed miserably due to a lack of time.
8) Start thinking and planning my garden. Does buying an Emma Bridgewater gardening journal count. I have sorted out my seed stash and bought compost.
9) Start writing lists of the things i need to do, in other words be more organised. Lists, what lists.
10) Nip my spending in the bud by drawing up a spreadsheet of my income and out goings. This challenge is still work in progress. I have done better than previous months.
11) Blog more often. See for yourself and be the judge of this challenge.

All my challenges are things that i want to be able to do everyday without thinking, things that will hopefully make my life better in one way or another.

Hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather we had to day.xx

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