Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Using My Sewing Machine

One of my February challenge was to learn to use my sewing machine and this is what i knocked up, a felt bag. I made this for my friend's daughter, it's her bithday soon.
                                                     I stiched her initials KH free hand.

I decided to put a flower to make it more pretty. The camera didn't capture the red and black very well, the colours look much better in real life. I enjoyed this little project as it was not so time consuming and i sort of got the hang of using a sewing machine.

I had never used a sewing machine before and was quite interesting, the only problem i found was that when sewing i couldn't maintain a straight line. Any hints and tips will be greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone had a lovely day, i am enjoying the long days and can't wait for the summer. xx


  1. Hi Millie, I think that's great for a first attempt at using the machine! I find that if you let the machine feed the machine through for you it goes in a straight line. The secret is just to guide it very gently and let the machine do most of the work.

  2. Brilliant! I am hopeless at sewing freehand or machine!

  3. for the sewing in a straight line thing id check that the foor comes down far enough, if its too high it can make the fabric less secure and the line wobbly

    good luck with all your new challenges this month x