Monday, 13 February 2012

Meal Plan 12-02-12 to 18-02-12

Sunday- Fish and Chips
Monday- Pasta bolognaise
Tuesday- Going to a friends for tea
Wednesday- Eating out
Thursday- Turkey curry with rice
Friday- Salmon and steamed vegetables
Saturday- Burger and Wedges

Just a quick update on my February challenges. Most of them are going very well except the photo a day challenge, it's proving to be more challenging than i thought. When i first decided to take up the challenge, i hadn't put into consideration that i leave home @ 7am most mornings and don't get back until after 6pm and somedays as late as after 9pm so i do not have time to take photographs. I am not known to give up so easily so i will try my very best to keep at it. One good thing has come out of this photo a day challenge, i have discovered that my camera takes better photos outdoors probably has something to do with the lighting. Anyway onwards and upwards with my other challenges.


  1. I really enjoyed your photos last time - dont give up! is it an option for you to take your camera with you? for a coffee break or walk home snap? I've found that natural light is always better too

  2. Thanks for the suggestion and encouragement Astra but i can't even do it during my coffee break. I will try to figure something out