Monday, 27 February 2012

My Treasures...

This is the first item of clothing i have bought for myself so far this year...

Bought this dress from the YMCA charity shop on Thursday. It's from All Saints and it cost me 4 pounds and 99 pence. I wore it on Saturday to my friends birthday dinner. There was an all white dress code and i wasn't going to follow it because i couldn't justify spending a small fortune on one night then i saw this dress. It would have been rude not to buy it. I actually love it and will wear it other wise my previous post would have been a waste. Please ignore the headless/ faceless model

I love books and at the moment i am reading self help books. I am on a small mission to improve my life and everything around it. They now know me at my local library. The first 3 books were from ageUK a pound for the three and the last one was 99 pence from YMCA. It's entitled Naughty But Nice The No Excuse Guide To Getting What You Want, it's a self help book. I love the Chicken Soup books and even though i am far from being a grandmother i know there are some useful things in there. Linking up with missielizzie @ me and my shadow

Enjoy your day.xx


  1. Your dress is lovely- what a great buy! Your books were a really good price too!

  2. That dress look beautiful on you (I bet it looks even better with a head!!).

    Great find, given the party you were going to.

    Thanks so much for linking up x

  3. OOooh Millie, it looks lovely on you!!! It's so Grecian! You look beautifull! (You could also wear it for a costume party with big gold accessories and a gold leafy head-dress and be Helen of Troy (like I did for World book day!)