Thursday, 22 March 2012

Endings and Beginnings...

Hello lovely people, hope you are all having a wonderful week and making the most of the sunshine and the longer days. I had a mock Anatomy and Physiology exam today and it looks like i need to study a bit more if i want to to have a really good mark on my final. Today also happens to be my last day at university, no more lectures until October. I do still need to go and sit my final exam in May so that date has been highlighted in my diary. It would be very bad if i fail to show up.

Unfortunately or should i say fortunately depending on how you look at it no more lectures means more time in practice and not holidays or time off. My hours are worked out as if i am working full so i put in thirty seven and a half hours every week. These hours were being shared between my placement and my lectures. Now that there are no lectures i will be putting in all the hours in my placement. Because my hours are calculated as if i am fully employed i do get four weeks holidays so thats a consolation and it seems we are getting an extra day off because of the Queens Jubilee. Anyway enough about my course.

The bulbs i planted in November are shooting so fingers crossed they flower. Do they flower in the 1st year? Talking of growing your own i have been on a frugal shopping spree and among the things i bought is a green house (at last). Roll on Saturday, hope the weather is warm.

Enjoy the rest of your week.xx


  1. Wow, that sounds frantically busy! Hope you exam was ok! That reminds me of my PGCE with uni and classroom practice!

  2. Bulbs usually flower in their first year. You should soon have lots of pretty flowers!