Friday, 22 March 2013

Thank You...

Thank you to everyone who wished me well in my previous post, your kindness is greatly appreciated. It seems I have pleurisy among other things and am taking antibiotics. I have been unwell for a while now but never bothered to go to the doctors. I know I should have taken time off ages ago but there was always something that needed doing from presentations, assignments, competencies to complete so I just pushed myself more and more everyday. I did start feeling a bit better but it was short lived. On Wednesday I had to be sent home cause I looked awful. I am taking next week off so I can recover. It pays to listen to ones body saves 4 weeks of wondering around in pain and feeling half dead.
I spent the whole of yesterday in bed and I suspect more of that will be happening around here.
I haven't managed to do much decluttering around here but I haven't brought anything unnecessary in the house.
I sorted out my keys this afternoon, they looked a mess.
A mess
Better After
What do you think? Do you like it as much as I do?
I bought the CK key fob to make up an order so I could get free delivery.
It only cost me £2.
I don't think I am back to full blogging mode yet and will take a day at a time.
Hope you are all well.

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