Saturday, 16 March 2013


It's me...Wednesday's child. Always full of woe.
Been feeling under the weather for the past few weeks. I am a bit better now but still a bit wobbly. I am trying to get back to my normal routine so will be blogging properly again soon.
Hope you are all well.


  1. Nice to see you back. So sorry you have felt a bit down. You will feel better. Sometimes life just gets you down and the last thing you want to do is write about it when you just don't feel cheery.

    Much love
    Sarah x

  2. This will make you laugh. You know the words you have to type in to leave you a comment, to stop spam. For the above comment my word was SUCKNOW. Can't wait to see what this one is!

    Ha ha ha xxx

  3. Hang in there, friend - things will pick up soon. Only blog when you feel like it [or when you need a virtual hug from your friends out here in Blogland]
    blessings and love xx

  4. Sorry to hear you have been unwell and still shaky! God bless you xx

  5. There is so much going around.

    Stay warm.

    Sft x