Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year...

2015 is upon us. Another 12 months to plan what we want to do. I never used to make new years resolutions until a couple of years ago. Like most people I can't even remember what they are come February but that is not going to stop me. I know some people refer to them as goals or challenges instead of resolutions. Whatever they are called I do enjoy thinking about them and setting them but hate that I never seem to accomplish any of them.

I have had a chance to think of mine and nearly all of them are similar if not exactly the same as last years. I have decided to share some of the fun ones here to track my progress.

Here is my list

Watch at least 52 movies this year
Read at least 12 novels 
Be organised
Look after myself better
Learn to ride a bike
Learn to swim
Take part in the scavenger hunt photo challenge to make me use my camera more.
Do some of the things in the 102 things to do this summer book. 
Cut down on my consumption of everything 
Blog more often and comment on the blogs I read

So this is my list. I do hope I stick to all of them. 

Hope the new year brings great things your way.