Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year...

I do hope all of you see the new year safe and sound.
2013 was a good year for me...
I completed and passed my course, got myself a job that I am loving and graduated as well.
Master T turned 11 and he is growing into a lovely young man
We went to Disney Paris and love it
My sister came to visit for 4 whole weeks and it was wonderful having her round
My brother and his girlfriend came to visit
2013 is also the year I became an aunt. I haven't had a chance to go visit my little nephew but will be going down in February when I have some time off.
It might not seem like much but the above has made me so happy. If 2014 is half as good as 2013 I will be a happy bunny.
2014 is nearly upon us and I have a list of resolutions/goals that I would love to complete. Most of them are the usual lose weight, b good with my finances blah, blah. blah. You know the rest. If I could summaries what my resolutions/goals for 2014 are I would say to take back my life. If I manage to do this I am sure everything else that is not covered under that will just fall into place.
Over the last few years I have stopped doing the things that I love. The things that make me me were overtaken by studying, placements and work and just trying to juggle all the other general life stuff. At the moment I have no other commitments apart from work and daily living so I am very hopeful that I can somehow start doing the things I love.


  1. That sounds a very good resolution! Happy new year Millie! X

  2. Sounds like a very positive start to the year.

    Good luck for 2014!

    Sft x

  3. we've been to Disney paris this Christmas too we went 21st-23rd. Wasn't it amazing!

    I hope you manage to 'take back your life'. That is something I need to do as well. Good luck!